No ámbito do Cauca (Around Cauca)

The geography of memory, that one which keeps over time words and deeds, goes through the camera lens -timeless. From the primordial sea to the intense tropical and then to the sea again, so is the journey. We go to the hemisphere next door, where everything seems to happen in an instant, we stretch the dream, we take the night, awake at dawn; several days later the named faces appear, they spoke an indigenous language, in riotous hubbub in the market,  silent gaze of weary years,  music of female city rocked by the wind and crossed by the river … how many parallel worlds is this world? The poet lived them all and made them a site, waited 20 years to build from the back, in his mother tongue, exotic about exotic. We exceptional witnesses, travelers enthralled with the green vegetation, finished going up the little stone path … leaving behind the blue sea in Taramancos.

Marlene Anaya